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Electric Power Grid Independent.



Power Source
Power Grid Independent



Real emergency com systems need grid independent power source. 


Solar Panel

Best for

A 50 watt or greater solar panel & charge controller will maintain internal batteries for  radio and controller. For useful activity a storage battery power source needed.

Battery Storage

Most any - good condition 12V. storage battery, car, marine, motorcycle, lawnmower, etc.

  Solar panel and battery storage can be ramped up for heavier com use expectations.
Generator Any with 12VDC or 110 VAC, fuel.



GMRS -FRS UHF 460 - 470 Hz. with privacy codes for emergency communications.


Bare Bones Emergency Communications GMRS Repeater.



Baofeng or similar  with =>50 channel, min. 3.5 watts output - $30

SR-112 simplex repeater Controller    $60

Three  or four receptacle power strip - $5

A small 100 to150 watt 12 VDC. To 117 AC inverter - $16


Mount -

A or wood mount board, 9 1/2  x 9 1/2 -

Mount components with industrial Velcro


Outside antenna  mount, cable $100


Power Source (Grid independent.)

A 50 watt or greater 12VDC Solar Panel $75 - $110

A 10 Amp, 12 DC  charge controller - $15

Storage battery(s), 12 DC , fresh car, marine,  solar sealed

   Really heavy use double panel capacity, add battery


















Almost any solar panel, 50 watts or greater and almost  any 12DC battery will power this GMRS radio repeater communications set independent of power grid.


An elevated location, several floors up, will provide several miles of reliable simplex radio communications utilizing almost any (99%) GMRS / FRS handheld two-way radios. Several additional floors up, many more miles of communications for larger community or subdivision.