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Electric Power Grid Independent.



Simplex Repeater Components

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Repeater controller with radio specific cable & power supply, $50 - $60 - $90
Inverter, 12VDC. to 110 VAC, 150 watt, $16
Power strip, $6
Mounting board $?
Most any FRS / GMRS / UHF radio, $20 -$30

Radio w/ connection for outside or higher antenna desirable.

  Radio Tone Controller (Best Value)  
  Sure-Com Controller  

Repeater or aux. antenna mounted up 20 to 40 feet or higher or 4 or 5 floors up will provide wide area communications coverage for FRS / GMRS / UHF hand held radios.


Ideal main power source - 50 watt or greater solar panel & storage battery.

For emergency communications 22 GMRS channels are  available. Privacy codes can limit some chatter.